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Iroko is a large hardwood tree that can live up to 500 years. Color varies from pale golden brown to dark chocolate brown. It can be found in tropical Africa, from Sierra Leone in the west, to Tanzania in the east. Often called the African Teak as it exhibits very similar properties.

African Teak Live-edge table

    • Furniture items purchased from Lastra Live-edge and its affiliates are subject to a 1 year limited warranty on manufacturing defects only. This excludes wear and tear as a result of daily use by the end client. 
    • Any concerns relating to the quality of the product delivered, must be raised within 14 days of delivery date by email to Lastra Live-edge in order for us to take corrective action in terms of repair or partial refund where applicable.
    • If no concerns are raised within the allotted time period then items delivered will be considered to be received in good condition.
    • All our furniture items at Lastra Live-edge are finished with high quality German acrylic Lacquers (unless stated otherwise), these finishes are very resilient to regular wear and tear and are fit for commercial use. However, any excessive force will damage the finish and will result in the surface of the furniture piece needing to be re-finished. This service is subject to charges and will be levied based on the size and condition of individual pieces.
    • All our furniture pieces are made from the finest quality kiln dried solid timber species. However, as we are dealing with large width/diameter single pieces of natural timber there is a risk of movement due to the timber acclimating to its new surroundings. Please allow 3 weeks for the piece to adjust to its final resting place.
    • Please allow 10 working days for refunds to be processed by bank transfer.
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